Just a little catch up

Well, after getting pretty disheartened and overwhelmed, I’m helping out with a Photoshoot for StrangeCaseCollective, have a big top secret project coming up and can have a stall in wigan market for only ¬£18.00 a day if i want it! Amazing. I’m still struggling to get sales online but i know not to take it personally as i am just a small fish in a VERY big pond.
We’ve just moved house but i still found time to contribute to the Threshold Festival Yarnbombing. 53 little dinky butterfly’s and I’ve made some little bits for my friends impending baby. The toy was called Itty Bitty Rabbit but it just kept growing lol Also knocked up a pink Rose Bouquet for the aforementioned photoshoot which got a lot of positive reaction on Instagram, Facebook and such. As i am now a Big Bang Theory fan, i have made a Soft Kitty Mug and an looking to do an equation cross stitch.



Crochet and valentines



Well it’s not been as long as last time but it has been a while since i last updated :^) to be fair though, i have been busy. I came up with these little cuties: https://www.etsy.com/listing/122968514/valentines-fortune-cookie
Who could resist such adorable and unusual little tokens? Well it seems that everybody could but i wont lose heart lol my shops only been going a year and i’ve only just found out about some valuable marketing tips.
I’m still hard at work on the gothic three tier wedding cake and have literally just finished making a beautiful rose and barbed wire fascinator. Also, after becoming obsessed with this blog: http://www.rocknrollbride.com/ i’m inspired to crochet a little something for it’s ultra cool creator. But now i shall spend the evening crocheting nun chucks for my sisters Mental Health Girl super hero costume, bake cookies for my mum and if i get a chance, working on this cross stitch


Do you smell wedding cake?


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Right, i am seriously going to have to put a reminder on my phone to push into updating this thing a bit more often. My last entry was December the 6th. How embarrassing *^_^* still i have lots to write about, like how I got a wonderful Crochet book for Christmas ( Creepy Crochet) which inspired me to create these little beautys:




Petra the Zombie Bride and Bob the Vampire Groom. Aren’t they lovely? Petra was inspired by a Rockabilly song called Zombie for your Love, that i just can’t get out of my head. I think that they are the perfect little Valentines gifts for those who don’t want a bunch of roses or a soppy cuddly bunny.

Other recent projects include:



The Jammy Dodger cushion has been my baby but i just cant get it to photograph properly :^(

I’m also helping out the lovely Sophie and Laura of Strange Case Collective http://www.strangecasecollective.com with not one, but two weddings this year and Sophie has suggested that i keep my eye out for people who want more unusual weddings and might appreciate some crocheted goodies on their big day. So i’m planning a photo shoot sometime in march/April which will feature a three tier gothic wedding cake, crocheted in black and dark purple and decorated with cameo brooches, roses and sharp silver studs. It’s going to look divine and would be the perfect thing for a goth who has a bit of a fetish for wool :^D

I’m knitting with only one needle



Found the most brill thing ever on a blog called According to Matt, its a crochet Jammy Dodger! http://accordingtomatt.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/jammy-dodger-pattern.html?m=1

Heres one of many I have made

I made about twelve to start making a biscuit blanket but it didn’t look quite right so I’m currently experimenting with a Jammy Dodger Cushion

Not bad considering and It’s given me inspiration for new projects such as cherry bake-wells and pie pin cushions I just wish i could find a site from years ago that showed you how to make a Starbucks Cup, Ice Cream Cones and even a prawn sushi back pack. That would just be amazing

Shoes and hats

Ok, i’ve been a little sloppy ( and a little is putting it mildly) but blogging is not really my strong point. But i’m going to be a good girl and try and get into the habit of blogging more regularly.
Since starting work, i’ve found i’m more focused on making as i know i don’t have time to waste. Also because the bus i get is so unreliable i have to get into work an hour early, so i can sit in the canteen with my crochet. I currently have a cross stitch cushion and a pair of fox gloves in the works. I’ve also made the most adorable little baby hat and the glue is currently drying on a pair of glittery high heels.




Hello world indeed

Hello, i still have no idea how to write a blog so bear with me please. I’ve set this up to help publicise my stuff and show it all being made and what not.

For example, the latest items on my etsy shop are Snack time


And Fruit Salad earrings


Theres more to come such as two fruit salad bracelets, plus a patchwork quilt tote bag and a long scarf which is going to be decorated with white silk stars and either pearl beads or Swarvoski Crystal Beads. I really need to get it finished but everytime i pick up my needles i think ‘ I’ll just make it a little bit longer’ >:^( never going to get the bloody thing done at this rate.

And yes i know i’ve used the wrong spelling of Bear but i dont know which is the correct one and you can tell what i mean. x