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I have always loved sewing. Ever since I was a small child and my nan taught me to cross stitch and made me my own little sewing kit. From here I have begun to explore embroidery. My drawing skills are not as sharp as I would like which has always held me back from seriously trying to be an artist but after attending an exhibition of textile artists in Glasgow and treating myself to Indiecraft by Jo Waterhouse, I began to seriously look at working with textiles. Reading Indiecraft is what really inspired me, as many of the artists claimed that sewing was no different to drawing with a pencil, but I for one find it easier and more enjoyable. The raised texture and the fact that I feel more hands on with my embroidery, just makes the process of creating more personal. Now that i’m more relaxed and confident, I find it easier to get my ideas out.bullet
this was inspired by the Franz Ferdinand song Bullet and got me an “amazing!” from Alex Kapranos and a “holy fucking shit!!” from Paul Thomson :^D

this piece is the most personal thing I have ever made. My mother has suffered from severe depression after having a nervous breakdown two years ago. It has been a struggle, not helped by the insensitive and uncaring people of the Mental Health team who are obviously meant to help but actually made the situation even worse. (we are actually in the process of making an official compliant about them) I felt like we had no one to turn to, no one that I could even talk to, let alone trust to help. The idea for this embroidery came from the fact that I have always found so…. odd that while this was happening, someone, maybe even across the street, is celebrating their birthday, or finding out they are pregnant or have been proposed too.

I just need to find a name for it now and then I can properly finish off my next embroidery of a kinky hipster ;^)
Lola x

some amazing textiles artists:
Elizabeth Couzins-Scott