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Well I have had a very productive time since I last blogged. I had a stall at the amazing Hobo Bazaar facebook.com/hobomarket on the 21st of July (which was also my 25th birthday) it was my first time selling there and I loved it, even though the blisteringly hot weather that we’d had for the previous week had suddenly disappeared but this meant that the lads who where playing music where inspired to play Reggae in order to tempt the sun to come out. Didn’t really work but it gave the afternoon a lovely relaxing vibe and it was fun watching the girls dancing :^) Delia Brady Jacobs, who co-organised the event, was just so lovely and I can’t wait for the next one.

In other news I have been hard at work making some gifts for my mums friends baby girl Penny (Farthing), who was born three months premature. I am the least maternal person but she is a cracker. So delicate and tiny but she has enough hair for a quiff and long finger nails! She is honestly the most beautiful baby ever and when we visited her, I had to fold my arms over my chest because the temptation to just touch the incubator that she was in was so so strong. I had made her this Jive bunny but my mother fell in love with her so I’m going to make a Halloween witch version. 

ImageShe is also getting a very special mobile:


I saw the pattern in last months Mollie Makes and knew that I just had to make it. She’s coming home from the hospital at the end the month or middle of next month so I’ve got plenty of time to knock up one for her now that I know I can make it. Also considering making some little wool hats for and donating them to the premature baby unit.

I’ll finish this post off with a song from Sunday that is just pure chilled out Summer. Enjoy