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I really need to set up some sort of reminder on my phone, or else all of my blog posts are going to start with an apology for not blogging more often. I swear though, I am going to take this blogging lark more seriously as I’ve just turned 25 and realized that my next big birthday will be my 30th. I have never been particularly bothered about age but that scared me as I don’t feel as though I have really achieved anything. Yes I’ve graduated Uni but not with the grade I wanted, so now it’s time to make a change and make a success out of House Of Sharkey.

Things haven’t been very good at the moment, after an MRI scan I have found out that my Tinnitus is here to stay. Couple this with Anxiety, an OCD and my mother going through severe depression after having a breakdown last year, you could say that the sun is not exactly shining on our household at the mo but we’ll get through it, we always do.

I’ve been trying to distract myself with craft and have discovered that I love sewing! I have loved cross stitch after my nana taught me how to make little cards when i was a tott. Combine this with my love of Franz Ferdinand and you get:






at the moment though I am currently getting stuck into this piece which is inspired by a Box Codax song called Seven Silvers



I just to finish the blood off and add a banner saying “How do I get your bullet out of my head now? How do I get you out of my mind?” 

I got the idea after that bit of the song got stuck in my head and started to think about love. I find that love can be a very destructive and scary emotion so I’ve depicted a woman blowing her brains out to show how love can totally knock you for six or make you feel like there is only one way to get your lover off your mind. The blood splatter peters out into heart shaped blobs, so it’s not all grim :^) In happy news, I’ve been featured on the brilliant Marry Me Inks blog!!


I’m also planning to take part in two top secret yarnbombings and as my mums friend has given birth to her little girl Penny, I am going to make her an ice cream cone mobile for her cot and some little  crochet hats to donate to the premature baby unit at the hospital. It’s good to keep busy. Lets just hope I start to get some sales eh?

Love Lola