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It’s been such a busy time recently, I’ve been lucky enough to help out on Strange Case’s latest project ( the putting together  and professional photos to follow soon) i’ve been featured on the lovely Esra Assoratas blog and have created some beautiful cross stitch and embroidery works. The first , which contains a lyric from the Franz Ferdinand song Don’t Start, is probably the best thing i’ve ever made. It’s so rare to make something and have it turn out exactly as you pictured. It has got so many positive views already just on Instagram and my facebook page and now it’s up on my shop. I seem to be obsessed with cross stitch now. I’ve still got to finish off my current project and i’m already planning a new one. Not inspired by Franz Ferdinand this time but Shirley Bassey. Lets see if I end up making it as I have so much wool that I swear it’s reproducing and taking over the house so maybe i’d best go back to crocheting for a while. But staying with cross stitch for a while here is what I am currently working on. I loved this lyric when i first heard it and it really stuck with me as I think it can be read in different ways. It could said wistfully by someone who is unhappy but is being urged to cheer up by a well meaning friend or it could be a bitter retort to a now ex lover when they claim that a break up is for the best and that they only want you to be happy.
The quote is from Goodbye Lovers and Friends by Boom Bip Feat Alex Kapranos and this piece is meant to be like a kind of pre-written stationary where you can fill in the blanks with the appropriate names and send. Just trying to figure out how to do the envelope to go with it. Should I do it like an air mail red, white and blue envelope or just a plain envelope but with a “wax stamp” on the back? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.  
Dont Start