Well, after getting pretty disheartened and overwhelmed, I’m helping out with a Photoshoot for StrangeCaseCollective, have a big top secret project coming up and can have a stall in wigan market for only £18.00 a day if i want it! Amazing. I’m still struggling to get sales online but i know not to take it personally as i am just a small fish in a VERY big pond.
We’ve just moved house but i still found time to contribute to the Threshold Festival Yarnbombing. 53 little dinky butterfly’s and I’ve made some little bits for my friends impending baby. The toy was called Itty Bitty Rabbit but it just kept growing lol Also knocked up a pink Rose Bouquet for the aforementioned photoshoot which got a lot of positive reaction on Instagram, Facebook and such. As i am now a Big Bang Theory fan, i have made a Soft Kitty Mug and an looking to do an equation cross stitch.