Well it’s not been as long as last time but it has been a while since i last updated :^) to be fair though, i have been busy. I came up with these little cuties: https://www.etsy.com/listing/122968514/valentines-fortune-cookie
Who could resist such adorable and unusual little tokens? Well it seems that everybody could but i wont lose heart lol my shops only been going a year and i’ve only just found out about some valuable marketing tips.
I’m still hard at work on the gothic three tier wedding cake and have literally just finished making a beautiful rose and barbed wire fascinator. Also, after becoming obsessed with this blog: http://www.rocknrollbride.com/ i’m inspired to crochet a little something for it’s ultra cool creator. But now i shall spend the evening crocheting nun chucks for my sisters Mental Health Girl super hero costume, bake cookies for my mum and if i get a chance, working on this cross stitch