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Summer is an odd time for me. There’s no real point Crocheting, and I don’t feel that i’m as creative when it comes to making jewelry. But I discovered a tutorial on making little book charms and decided to combine it with my love of the weird and offbeat.
thank god for the internet eh?


if anyone knows of any good ones ( these are just the tip of the iceberg) then please let me know :^) I’ve been alerted to ‘Dancing with Jesus’ ‘Who will toss my salad?’ and ‘The C**t coloring in book’
how the hell do these books get published? lol


The Stitchin’ bitch


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I have always loved sewing. Ever since I was a small child and my nan taught me to cross stitch and made me my own little sewing kit. From here I have begun to explore embroidery. My drawing skills are not as sharp as I would like which has always held me back from seriously trying to be an artist but after attending an exhibition of textile artists in Glasgow and treating myself to Indiecraft by Jo Waterhouse, I began to seriously look at working with textiles. Reading Indiecraft is what really inspired me, as many of the artists claimed that sewing was no different to drawing with a pencil, but I for one find it easier and more enjoyable. The raised texture and the fact that I feel more hands on with my embroidery, just makes the process of creating more personal. Now that i’m more relaxed and confident, I find it easier to get my ideas out.bullet
this was inspired by the Franz Ferdinand song Bullet and got me an “amazing!” from Alex Kapranos and a “holy fucking shit!!” from Paul Thomson :^D

this piece is the most personal thing I have ever made. My mother has suffered from severe depression after having a nervous breakdown two years ago. It has been a struggle, not helped by the insensitive and uncaring people of the Mental Health team who are obviously meant to help but actually made the situation even worse. (we are actually in the process of making an official compliant about them) I felt like we had no one to turn to, no one that I could even talk to, let alone trust to help. The idea for this embroidery came from the fact that I have always found so…. odd that while this was happening, someone, maybe even across the street, is celebrating their birthday, or finding out they are pregnant or have been proposed too.

I just need to find a name for it now and then I can properly finish off my next embroidery of a kinky hipster ;^)
Lola x
some amazing textiles artists:
Elizabeth Couzins-Scott

summer time


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To celebrate House of Sharkey turning two in April, I approached the Country Larder Cafe in Wigan ( and asked if they would be up for me making some crocheted items for display in the shop. as luck would have it they where planning on doing a pic-nic themed window display for summer and where really up for the idea of me making some food items for them. so I got to work and made Eclairs, Macarons, fresh juicy Strawberries and cheese cakes, jammy dodgers, cupcakes and ice cream cones. In return, my business cards are on the counter pride of place for any curious potential customers :^)



I am really really pleased with how well it turned out and fingers crossed it’ll bring in some new fans.


Lola x

To celebrate House of Sharkey turning two in April, I approached the County Larder Cafe in Wigan and asked if they would be up for me making some crocheted items for display in the shop. as luck would have it they where planning on doing a pick-nick themed window display for summer and where really up for the idea of me making some food items for them. so I got to work and made Eclairs, Macarons, fresh juicy Strawberries and cheese cakes, jammy dodgers, cupcakes and ice cream cones. In return, my business cards are on the counter pride of place for any curious potential customers :^)

Textile art


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After promising myself that I would start to blog regularly I have already failed and neglected my lovely blog. I have nearly finished a five week evening class in Textile Techniques which I haven’t written about or shared photos of my work. Shame on me. I have also had attention from the gods of music that are Franz Ferdinand. First a like from their official Instagram:



and then:

I was still floating on air when I received a comment from the subject of my next portrait, Roxi D’Lite:



I also made the little fox brooches, in this months Mollie Makes (and added my own twist) and got a sweet response from the lady who designed them lol

This has been a very hard month for me at home so sadly I haven’t been able to give the shop, the time that it needs but I’m feeling better in myself, I’ve just got my first CBT session next week and I’ve been attending Reiki healing which is amazing. I have found out info about a past life and how it affects me and that I have healing ability’s myself. So perhaps that’s something to look into in the future.

I’m going to take some advice and do one post a week about me and what i’m up to and then a post about an artist who I admire or something like that. That might be more fun than just sitting down and trying to tease the demon that is the English language into legible reading.

Oh and i’m also trying to find out about Paganisim. It should not be this hard to find info.



Hobo Bazaar and bunnys


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Well I have had a very productive time since I last blogged. I had a stall at the amazing Hobo Bazaar on the 21st of July (which was also my 25th birthday) it was my first time selling there and I loved it, even though the blisteringly hot weather that we’d had for the previous week had suddenly disappeared but this meant that the lads who where playing music where inspired to play Reggae in order to tempt the sun to come out. Didn’t really work but it gave the afternoon a lovely relaxing vibe and it was fun watching the girls dancing :^) Delia Brady Jacobs, who co-organised the event, was just so lovely and I can’t wait for the next one.

In other news I have been hard at work making some gifts for my mums friends baby girl Penny (Farthing), who was born three months premature. I am the least maternal person but she is a cracker. So delicate and tiny but she has enough hair for a quiff and long finger nails! She is honestly the most beautiful baby ever and when we visited her, I had to fold my arms over my chest because the temptation to just touch the incubator that she was in was so so strong. I had made her this Jive bunny but my mother fell in love with her so I’m going to make a Halloween witch version. 

ImageShe is also getting a very special mobile:


I saw the pattern in last months Mollie Makes and knew that I just had to make it. She’s coming home from the hospital at the end the month or middle of next month so I’ve got plenty of time to knock up one for her now that I know I can make it. Also considering making some little wool hats for and donating them to the premature baby unit.

I’ll finish this post off with a song from Sunday that is just pure chilled out Summer. Enjoy



Birthday Girl


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I really need to set up some sort of reminder on my phone, or else all of my blog posts are going to start with an apology for not blogging more often. I swear though, I am going to take this blogging lark more seriously as I’ve just turned 25 and realized that my next big birthday will be my 30th. I have never been particularly bothered about age but that scared me as I don’t feel as though I have really achieved anything. Yes I’ve graduated Uni but not with the grade I wanted, so now it’s time to make a change and make a success out of House Of Sharkey.

Things haven’t been very good at the moment, after an MRI scan I have found out that my Tinnitus is here to stay. Couple this with Anxiety, an OCD and my mother going through severe depression after having a breakdown last year, you could say that the sun is not exactly shining on our household at the mo but we’ll get through it, we always do.

I’ve been trying to distract myself with craft and have discovered that I love sewing! I have loved cross stitch after my nana taught me how to make little cards when i was a tott. Combine this with my love of Franz Ferdinand and you get:





at the moment though I am currently getting stuck into this piece which is inspired by a Box Codax song called Seven Silvers



I just to finish the blood off and add a banner saying “How do I get your bullet out of my head now? How do I get you out of my mind?” 

I got the idea after that bit of the song got stuck in my head and started to think about love. I find that love can be a very destructive and scary emotion so I’ve depicted a woman blowing her brains out to show how love can totally knock you for six or make you feel like there is only one way to get your lover off your mind. The blood splatter peters out into heart shaped blobs, so it’s not all grim :^) In happy news, I’ve been featured on the brilliant Marry Me Inks blog!! 

I’m also planning to take part in two top secret yarnbombings and as my mums friend has given birth to her little girl Penny, I am going to make her an ice cream cone mobile for her cot and some little  crochet hats to donate to the premature baby unit at the hospital. It’s good to keep busy. Lets just hope I start to get some sales eh?

Love Lola



Cross Stitch


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It’s been such a busy time recently, I’ve been lucky enough to help out on Strange Case’s latest project ( the putting together  and professional photos to follow soon) i’ve been featured on the lovely Esra Assoratas blog and have created some beautiful cross stitch and embroidery works. The first , which contains a lyric from the Franz Ferdinand song Don’t Start, is probably the best thing i’ve ever made. It’s so rare to make something and have it turn out exactly as you pictured. It has got so many positive views already just on Instagram and my facebook page and now it’s up on my shop. I seem to be obsessed with cross stitch now. I’ve still got to finish off my current project and i’m already planning a new one. Not inspired by Franz Ferdinand this time but Shirley Bassey. Lets see if I end up making it as I have so much wool that I swear it’s reproducing and taking over the house so maybe i’d best go back to crocheting for a while. But staying with cross stitch for a while here is what I am currently working on. I loved this lyric when i first heard it and it really stuck with me as I think it can be read in different ways. It could said wistfully by someone who is unhappy but is being urged to cheer up by a well meaning friend or it could be a bitter retort to a now ex lover when they claim that a break up is for the best and that they only want you to be happy.
The quote is from Goodbye Lovers and Friends by Boom Bip Feat Alex Kapranos and this piece is meant to be like a kind of pre-written stationary where you can fill in the blanks with the appropriate names and send. Just trying to figure out how to do the envelope to go with it. Should I do it like an air mail red, white and blue envelope or just a plain envelope but with a “wax stamp” on the back? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.  
Dont Start

House of Sharkey’s 1st birthday


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On April the 11th I decorated two benches, a pole and a bollard, in Wigan Town center. I did this partly to publicize my shop on it’s first birthday and also just because I wanted to do a Yarnbombing. 

ImageFirstly I had planned to make things like crocheted Pizza, Donner Kebabs and beer cans and leave them around the town center, as pretty litter but as I started to plan it all out, I began to think about The Olympic Opening Ceremony and how they depicted a beautiful land that was paved over in the name of progress. This combined with a story I had read as a child, about a young witch who made creeping ivy vines and brambles burst threw the patio in her hated neighbors garden and attack her.

I thought that this could be a really interesting idea for my project. I wanted to make it look as though the dormant plant life underneath the choking concrete flags had suddenly come to the surface but rather than taking over and destroying outright, it is slowly creeping up on us and lulling us into a false sense of security.


As one bench was in front of Starbucks, I decorated it with flower and butterfly cushions, a Starbucks Frappacino and a plate of jammy toast and a croissant, so that people could sit with a drink and just relax as they watch the world go by, blissfully unaware of the vines slowly creeping up on them.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAfter having perfect weather for the previous month, i started to rain about five hours after I finished putting it up but it has gotten so much positive feedback on sites such as Facebook and the staff in Starbucks asked if i would like to leave some business cards for customers to take, so I took some in and knocked them up another Frappacino for by the til.

Sadly the cushions and breakfast stuff was removed but i was prepared for that.I’m just so happy that it went down so well with the people of Wigan and I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Gill Kent and Sophie Bold ( for taking some of the pressure off me by sending me some beautiful flowers and butterfly’s and thanks to Mike Mathews of Wigan Council for being so accommodating and helpful. If all goes to plan, I will have a stall on wigan Market soon.